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Perpetrators of Elder Abuse

Abusers of the elderly can be anyone. Men and women, a hired caregiver, and even a trusted family member can be a perpetrator.

Individuals or institutions responsible for elder abuse can include:

  • Caregiver: These are individuals who are hired by the elderly or their families specifically to care for an individual, assisting them with daily activities such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, and more.
  • Nursing Home, Residential Care Facility (Also Called Assisted Living Facility): These facilities are licensed by the Department of Public Health and specialize in caring for the elderly, disabled, and dependent individuals.
  • Hospitals: Some elderly stay in hospitals or acute care facilities for a prolonged period of time.
  • Adult Day Care Centers: These facilities provide companionship and supervised daily care for the elderly during the day while family members are at work.
  • Family Member: Close family members, such as adult children, spouses, or another relative can be perpetrators of elder abuse.
Watch out for the warning signs of elder abuse.

Why Does Elder Abuse Happen?

The reality is, elder abuse can happen to anyone. But there is no clear reason why individuals choose to abuse or exploit elders. While stress, lack of resources, lack of care training, substance abuse, demanding schedules, and other factors can contribute to elder abuse, there is simply no excuse for it. Our elders deserve to be protected and cared for, not subjected to mistreatment and abuse.

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If you suspect that your loved one is being harmed or abused by a caregiver, a care facility, or another institution, you can put a stop to it. Contact Travis Siegel, an experienced Long Beach elder abuse lawyer, for help. Known for his caring counsel and aggressive advocacy, he fights to protect the rights of his clients.

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Report the Abuse

If you have already reported elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation to the authorities, then your next step is to contact an experienced attorney. Call (562) 645-4145 or email us below to see how we can help you seek justice.