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Elder abuse may come in many forms but none are more pressing than physical abuse. If you know that your elderly loved one is being intentionally and physically harmed by in-home caregiver, nursing home orderly, or even another elder at the facility, please contact the authorities right away. Your elder may be depending on you to help them escape the situation.

When they are safe, your next move should be to call (562) 645-4145 and connect with a Long Beach Elder Abuse Attorney at Siegel Law. Named as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers, Travis Siegel has dedicated his legal practice to protecting the rights of abused elders by representing their best interests in and out of court. Get a free consultation with our law firm today to learn what sort of compensation may be owed to you and your elder.

Forms of Physical Abuse & Compensation

Elders placed within a nursing home or under the constant watch of a caretaker deserve to feel safe and sound at all times. Any form of physical abuse brought against them is both completely unacceptable and illegal. Aggressive orderlies may try to blame frustrations or a lack of cooperation from an elder for their violent behavior, but these are nothing more than empty excuses.

Physical abuse may be enacted by:

  • Striking or punching an elder
  • Pushing an elder down
  • Using force to keep an elder in bed
  • Throwing objects at an elder

Compensation pursued should help pay for:

  • Complete cost paid for elder to stay at the nursing home
  • Initial medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Emotional trauma and grief

Signs of Physical Abuse Against Elders

An elder may be intimidated by their physical abuser and feel it impossible to speak up. In other cases, they may have the false believe that no one will take their claims seriously. For these reasons, it is truly crucial for friends and family members to pay close attention to their elderly loved ones under someone else’s charge. Spotting the signs of physical abuse, and then acting appropriately to help them, may be up to you.

Some common yet subtle signs of physical abuse include:

Unexplained bruises or cuts

Malnutrition or depression

Fear of a particular orderly or caretaker

Uncharacteristic mood swings

Upholding the Duty of Care

Nursing homes have the duty, whether explicitly stated or unspoken, to protect and care for the elders in their facilities. When this duty is ignored or violated and an elder is physically abused, the nursing home must be held accountable for the wrongdoing they have allowed. Since 2002, our Long Beach elder abuse lawyer has been a proud advocate of elders in Southern California, fighting for nothing less than justice and total compensation.

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Report the Abuse

If you have already reported elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation to the authorities, then your next step is to contact an experienced attorney. Call (562) 645-4145 or email us below to see how we can help you seek justice.