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Reporting Elder Abuse in Long Beach

You see a senior suffering what you think is abusive behavior at the hands of a caregiver, or being neglected or abandoned for extended periods of time. What do you do with that information? Who do you contact? What are you obligated to report?

Who to Call

If there is imminent danger or you believe that the elderly person is having critical medical treatment withheld, you should call 911. Call emergency services anytime there appears to be a life-threatening event.

If you have a nagging feeling of something being wrong, there are many ways to get the right people involved. These can include contacting:

  • California’s Adult Protective Services
  • A trusted family member or friend
  • Nonemergency police department
  • A doctor or other mandatory reporter who can put the investigative process into motion
  • A lawyer who specializes in elder abuse cases

Why You Need to Interfere

Seniors are uniquely vulnerable to being mistreated or abused financially, physically, sexually, psychologically, or through simple abandonment or neglect. To say that these are harmful to the senior does not begin to describe the very challenging situation many of these elderly folks find themselves trapped in.

First of all, many elders are dependent on their tormentors for basic life necessities like food, water, clothing, and medicine. Some of them require assistance just to be able to get around. Can you imagine a world in which the only person available to help you is the one who hurts or harms you? It is unfathomable, and sadly, not a situation many of these seniors have the means or the mobility to escape. If they did not require these services, they would not be so vulnerable. This leads to the vicious cycle of abuse and care.

If you see signs or symptoms of abuse, you need to take the time to identify the appropriate authority and report it. Care custodians, health practitioners, clergy members, and law enforcement members are mandatory reporters - they have to report cases of abuse to the state governing body.

What Do You Report?

You should provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The patient’s name and contact information
  • Any information available on the caregiver or facility
  • What you observed, when you observed it, and where. Be prepared to provide as many details and/or evidence as possible.
  • Names and contact information for other witnesses if known
  • Any known information regarding the patient’s condition or treatment needed
  • Any information on the financial aspects of the patient’s care
  • Any documentation available defining the care relationship

Not having all of the details will not preclude an investigation, but may make it take longer. Being able to give as much information as possible can only help. If you are facing a situation where your loved one was abused in some manner by a caregiver, contact a Long Beach elder abuse lawyer at Siegel Law at (562) 645-4145.

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What Sets Our Elder Abuse Lawyer Apart?

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Report the Abuse

If you have already reported elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation to the authorities, then your next step is to contact an experienced attorney. Call (562) 645-4145 or email us below to see how we can help you seek justice.