Hatch Wants Answers

By Long Beach Elder Abuse Attorney on September 20, 2017

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch penned a letter, recently, to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price.

What prompted the correspondence?

The content of a new federal report on nursing home abuse and neglect that “troubled” the senator.

Hatch’s concern was not only moral; it was part of his senatorial duties. “As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, I have the responsibility to oversee the Medicaid and Medicare programs,” said Hatch. (Medicaid pays the cost of long-term care for many Americans.)

Among the questions posed in Hatch’s missive to Price were inquiries as to why there seemed to be a lack of enforcement of provisions in the Social Security Act that require nursing home employees to report suspicion of abuse or neglect to law enforcement if they have “any reasonable suspicion of a crime.”

Silence Is Not an Option

We have an obligation to the elderly in our country. They fought for our freedom and built the society we thrive in. If you have loved ones in assisted living facilities, you need to be vigilant regarding their well-being.

If you suspect they are being abused or neglected, you need to contact an experienced and compassionate elder abuse attorney. Long Beach attorney Travis Siegel considers it his mission to be an advocate for senior citizens who can’t defend themselves. Nursing homes and their employees need to be held accountable if they suspect abuse or neglect and do not report it to the proper authorities.

If you have any inkling that your loved one is not receiving appropriate care at the hands of nursing home staff, call Siegel Law for a free case evaluation at 562-645-4145.

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