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Are Seniors at Greater Risk for Falls in Winter?

By Long Beach Elder Abuse Attorney on November 20, 2017

For seniors in California, rain-soaked sidewalks are not the biggest danger during the winter.

Falls are more common in the summer months than the winter, a new study by the North American Partners in Anesthesiology found. But the theme the authors of the study really wanted listeners to take away was that most falls happen indoors, and that risk is always present, no matter what season it is! Read the rest »

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Falls Involving the Elderly

By Long Beach Elder Abuse Attorney on March 21, 2016

The elderly in our community are more prone to falls. This is especially true for elderly residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Statistics prove that a broken hip or broken leg suffered because of a fall can have fatal consequences for these residents. The following are risk factors that increase the likelihood of falls in the elderly: Read the rest »

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