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Elder Abuse and Neglect Jury Verdict

By Long Beach Elder Abuse Attorney on February 15, 2016

Recently a Nevada jury returned a verdict in favor of Travis Siegel’s client and against a defendant, the owner of a residential care home in Nevada. This verdict was the first reported Elder Abuse and Neglect jury verdict with punitive damages in Nevada state history.

The case involved the neglect and abuse of Jeannette Weinand. Ms. Weinand was a wonderfully talented woman who loved oil painting and even worked for the CIA during World War II. Ms. Weinand began to suffer the effects of dementia later in her life. Her family made the difficult decision to place her in a Home for Individual Care or “HIC” home. Shortly after admission to the home, Ms. Weinand fell due to a lack of supervision at the home and hit her head on a nightstand. She was taken to a nearby hospital for several days and then transferred to hospice care. Unfortunately, Ms. Weinand passed away about 11 days after the fall. Read the rest »

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