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It seems as though there are news stories on a regular basis about the national obesity epidemic – yet little attention is paid to the very real concern of malnutrition in the elderly population. Malnutrition is a dangerous, sometimes-deadly issue for seniors and it happens for many reasons. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home malnutrition or dehydration, contact us. Siegel Law has top-rated nursing home malnutrition lawyers in Orange County who will fight for your loved one.

What Is Malnutrition?

In its simplest form, malnutrition is a condition caused by not taking in enough nutrients to sustain a healthy life

For the following possible reasons, either:

  • Because the senior is not eating or drinking enough overall, or
  • Because the senior is not eating the right foods (in other words, he may be eating enough calorically but not nutritionally).

Causes of Senior Malnutrition

Seniors suffering from malnutrition may be dealing with any one of the following factors:

  • A lack of interest in cooking or food preparation, or a lack of mobility to undertake the same.
  • Psychological stresses, depression, or memory issues.
  • An inability to shop for themselves (may be due to transportation or financial issues) and/or to purchase fresh healthy foods
  • Deteriorating health, swallowing issues, or tooth problems which create a physical challenge to healthy eating
  • Side effects from medication or diagnosed diseases
  • Restricted diets or health concerns
  • Wanting to return to “comfort foods” from the past

Avoiding Senior Malnutrition

Ideally, any facility housing seniors would require regular health checkups. Nevertheless, not all of them do and not all seniors live in such facilities.

So how can you prevent malnutrition?

  • Shop with and for your senior. Getting out of the house will be good for him, and you can help him identify and find healthy choices.
  • Monitor what’s in the house after purchase. Did the grapes you helped him buy get eaten, or are they growing moldy in the fridge?
  • Make sure the senior is getting regular medical checkups to monitor his weight, body mass index, cholesterol, and other indicators of overall health.
  • Be present during mealtimes so that you can see for yourself what and how your senior is eating. If you cannot be there all the time, try creating a regular schedule of visitors to help your senior become more invested in and excited about sharing meals.

What to Do If You Suspect Malnutrition

First and foremost, get your senior in for a complete physical and blood work checkup. This will give you a better understanding of what his physical condition is, and a place from which to begin monitoring. The senior’s doctor may also become your ally in advocating for better choices, whether the senior is at home or in a care facility. You can also help your senior get involved in his local community through some sort of exercise program, arts and crafts program, or simply by mentoring young people. Staying involved and active will help seniors stay healthy longer.

Speak with an Orange County Nursing Home Malnutrition Lawyer

If you suspect that the care facility or caregiver responsible for the nutritional needs of your senior has failed to meet those needs through neglect or simple negligence, do not hesitate to take action. Talk to an Orange County nursing home malnutrition attorney at Siegel Law.

We can give you advice on what to do next. The Orange County elder neglect lawyers at Siegel Law serve clients from Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and all nearby areas in Southern California. Contact us today.


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