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People struggling with drug addiction need serious support to defeat their demons. These individuals and their families often turn to drug rehab centers, desperate for professional help.

What do they find?

These inpatient facilities, which often cost thousands of dollars, promise an array of benefits, including round-the-clock medical care, access to psychiatrists, emotional support, and freedom from “outside triggers.” But they do not always deliver.

Drug rehab centers in California have very little oversight. We have seen and spoken with the families of many patients who are able to get drugs, OD on site, or escape the facility and commit suicide. How can this happen?

California’s Lax Oversight of Rehab Centers

In California, our legislature has implemented protective measures for patients confined to a facility 24 hours a day. Known as the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, these statutes define the responsibilities of the care facility. “Dependent adults,” like substance abuse patients seeking treatment, have the right to be free from:

  • Abuse, neglect, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other behavior that causes physical harm, pain, or mental suffering; OR
  • Deprivation by a caregiver of things or services that the dependent adult needs to avoid physical harm or mental suffering.

A lot of the time, they aren’t. How does California regulate these drug rehab centers? The California Department of Health Care Services has sole authority to license adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. If a complaint is filed, the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Compliance Division is supposed to investigate. But many violations go unreported, and the damage spirals out of control.

Types of Abuse in Rehab Centers

Anyone can become the victim of abuse or neglect, and it’s happening more and more at these loosely regulated drug rehab centers. Abuse can happen in any one or combination of the following ways:

  • Physical abuse may consist of the use of restraints, violence, or other means of causing physical harm, even a refusal to allow access to restroom facilities.
  • Sexual abuse may consist of inappropriate contact, in addition to forced or coerced sexual behaviors or acts.
  • Prescription abuse may consist of failure to provide prescribed medications or refusal to seek prescriptions where needed. It may also include situations where the facility does not properly store or control the medications and patients have access to them. In addition, there may be the mislabeling, misidentification, or misdelivery of prescriptions to patients.
  • Financial abuse occurs when a dependent patient makes significant financial sacrifices to caregivers because of an inappropriate relationship.
  • Psychological abuse may consist of demeaning or threatening behavior on the part of the caregiver or the use of psychological controls over the patient.

Again, when a patient is dependent on his or her caregivers, failing to provide care can be just as devastating as abuse. Neglect can and does kill.

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