Elders Face More Dangers in For-Profit Nursing Homes

Posted On July 5, 2016 Nursing Home Abuse

People who pay considerable amounts of money each month to for-profit nursing homes may be given the notion that their loved ones will be safer and removed from any risk of neglect or abuse due to the high price tag involved in their care. According to a University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Harvard study, the truth of the situation is the exact opposite.

Using nearly 14,000 government inspection records of nursing homes and assisted living clinics, researchers looked for serious citations for lack of care, preventable hazards, violent orderlies, and other forms of elder abuse. By the time the study was concluded, it was discovered that for-profit nursing homes, on average, were cited for severe problems at a rate 46.5% higher than non-profits and 43% higher than public nursing homes. The issue raises significant concern, as it is estimated that two out of every three nursing home facilities in the country are for-profit.

Putting Profits Over Patient Care

Why would such a dramatic gap between qualities exist, especially when for-profit nursing homes are typically more expensive than non-profit and public ones? The most obvious answer is often the correct one, and in this situation, it seems pretty clear that companies that control for-profit clinics are in it for the money more than anything else. By cutting their costs, they increase both their profit margin and the risks imposed on the elderly staying in their facilities.

The UCSF and Harvard researchers were also able to conclude that staffing at for-profit nursing homes was regularly and noticeably lighter than in their non-profit counterparts. In many situations, for-profit centers had close to 33% less registered nurses and licensed practitioners on staff than non-profit centers. With less people around to supervise and care for the elderly patrons, hazards and the risk of injury naturally increase.

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