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Medical Malpractice Resulting in Wrongful Death

When you put an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you are trusting their very life to the caregivers of that nursing home. If a caregiver is negligent or careless in their duties, especially when dealing with medications or medical conditions requiring constant attention, it can lead to tragic…

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Abuse and Neglect in Adult Day Care Centers

Adult day care centers differ from nursing homes in that they only provide services part time for elderly men and women. They are a great option for providing social opportunities and stimulating activities in a supervised setting for elderly people who can still take care of themselves to an extent.…

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Wrongful Death in Nursing Homes

When placing our elderly loved ones in a nursing home, we are entrusting their safety and well-being into the hands of the nursing home staff. While many nursing home caregivers are genuinely caring and compassionate, many more are stressed, overworked, or simply don’t care. When nursing home staff fail to…

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Elder Financial Abuse Is A Growing Problem

Elderly men and women often have a lot of money that they saved up over their lives. Unfortunately, it is quite common for family members and unscrupulous caregivers to take advantage of an elderly person’s trusting nature and, in some cases, diminished cognitive ability to fleece them out of tens…

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