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How to Prevent Falls in an Assisted Living Facility

Falls can be incredibly dangerous for senior citizens, yet the risk of falling becomes much higher the older you get. Falls at assisted living facilities are extremely common, and too many of these facilities do not take the appropriate preventative steps to help reduce the risk of falling for their…

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Are Seniors at Greater Risk for Falls in Winter?

For seniors in California, rain-soaked sidewalks are not the biggest danger during the winter. Falls are more common in the summer months than the winter, a new study by the North American Partners in Anesthesiology found. But the theme the authors of the study really wanted listeners to take away…

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Falls Involving the Elderly

The elderly in our community are more prone to falls. This is especially true for elderly residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Statistics prove that a broken hip or broken leg suffered because of a fall can have fatal consequences for these residents. The following are risk factors…

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