Different Elder Care Environments

Posted On March 30, 2017 Nursing Home Abuse

Seniors who are capable of living on their own can choose to live in communities with amenities designed to meet their needs. As they continue to age and begin to require more care, however, they may wish to move into an assisted living or nursing care-based environment. For elders living with caregivers that have jobs or family responsibilities, adult day care may provide a welcome break.

Understanding the types of facilities and support available is an important step in deciding what the best situation is for your beloved elder family member.

Independent Living Communities

In an independent living community, seniors live in their own private spaces, which may be apartments or condominiums with separate kitchens. There are generally common areas where the residents can socialize and perhaps eat meals together without having to attend at a specific time. There are usually group events such as shopping or entertainment trips where seniors can travel together so driving is not an issue. The seniors generally live independently with minimal care required.

Medical Care Facilities

As a senior’s medical needs change, living requirements may change as well. Perhaps your senior is no longer able to climb stairs, prepare meals, or take care of a home himself.

Facilities for this range of care can vary: from assisted living services, where there are caregivers who attend to the seniors within independent living homes; to more intense round-the-clock nursing facilities with care for severe dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Some facilities allow for the transition from independent to more dependent care, while others provide only a specific level of care. Understanding not only what your senior needs now but also what he or she is likely to need in the future is an important consideration when looking at medical care or nursing facilities.

Adult Day Care

For families that have their elders living with them, either by choice or by necessity, it seems as though there are never enough hours in the day. Many children of seniors are now raising their own children and are unable to provide the socialization their elder needs during the daytime. Sometimes, caregivers simply need a break to refresh and recoup. Adult day cares are essentially a service where the seniors can be dropped off for activities, social interaction, some medical care, and constant supervision for a limited number of hours while the homemaker gets a chance to catch up on his or her own responsibilities.

Managing an elderly loved one’s care as he or she ages is a complex process with difficult decision points all along the way. Understanding the differences between the various types of facilities may help aid the decision-making process, as can talking to a specialist in elder law. Talk to a Siegel Law Long Beach elder abuse attorney who specializes in the elder care industry by calling (562) 645-4145 today.


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