Questions to Ask When Hiring a Caregiver

Posted On October 10, 2018 Tips

Hiring a caregiver for your elderly relatives is an important decision. You need to be sure that you are hiring someone who will genuinely care for your loved one, who is qualified and experienced, and who will not be neglectful or abusive. It can be hard to judge who meets all of your criteria without knowing the right questions to ask.Elderly woman lying in bed with caregiver holding her hand

We’ve put together this guide to the type of questions you should ask when hiring a caregiver for your elderly relative to give you a foundation for your interviews. This is a basic guide, and you will need to modify your questions to be pertinent to your individual situation.

If, despite all your diligence in selecting a caregiver, your elderly loved one still suffers from abuse or neglect that threatens their emotional and/or physical wellbeing, please call elder abuse lawyer Travis Siegel at 562-273-9118 for your complimentary consultation.

Types of Questions to Ask in a Caregiver Interview

While the exact questions you ask in a caregiver interview should be modified for your specific needs, these are the basic categories you should hit to cover all your bases.

  • Experience: You should ask all candidates about their prior experience with caregiving. Ask how long they’ve been a caregiver, and ask about specific experiences they’ve had in the past that relate to your elderly loved one. Ask how they would handle specific scenarios, such as dealing with an uncooperative charge or being yelled at.
  • Skills and Certifications: Ask about any caregiving-specific skills and certifications they have, such as CPR training, medication management, a driver’s license if necessary, and basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Don’t be afraid to ask for physical documentation of any certifications they claim to have.
  • Personality: It can be hard to judge a person’s true personality from an interview alone, but you can ask questions to get an idea of what their caregiving style is. Ask about hobbies, why they chose to get into caregiving, what they like most about their job, and how they handle the stresses of taking care of an elderly person.
  • Availability and Flexibility: When taking care of an elderly person, especially one with cognitive or physical disabilities, flexibility is important. Ask any candidates about other jobs and responsibilities they may have that could interfere with their ability to stay with your loved one in case of delays or emergencies. If you are delayed getting home, it could be a disaster if your caregiver left your elderly relative alone even for less than an hour.

We hope that through a comprehensive interview process you find a wonderful and compassionate caregiver for your elderly loved one. However, we also know that even the most diligent interview process, complete with certifications and references, does not always predict success.

If you discover that your elderly relative is being abused emotionally, physically, or financially by a caregiver you trusted and invited into your home, please do not hesitate to call Travis Siegel for a consultation. He can direct you to the proper authorities to file a report with, and he can let you know if you may be eligible for a lawsuit on behalf of your loved one.

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