How to Prevent Falls in an Assisted Living Facility

Posted On December 18, 2018 Nursing Home Abuse,Slip & Falls

Falls can be incredibly dangerous for senior citizens, yet the risk of falling becomes much higher the older you get. Falls at assisted living facilities are extremely common, and too many of these facilities do not take the appropriate preventative steps to help reduce the risk of falling for their elderly residents.Elderly woman walking with a nurse in her nursing home garden. Nurse attentively watching for falls

If your elderly loved one has suffered debilitating injuries due to a preventable fall at a nursing home or assisted living facility, call Tustin elder abuse and neglect lawyer Travis Siegel at 562-372-6904 for your complimentary consultation.

Preventing Falls Among the Elderly

There are certain steps that assisted living facilities can take to help prevent falls. Elderly men and women are particularly prone to falling to due to physical and mental decline, and without safeguards in place they could sustain serious injury. A lack of preventative measures taken against falls is often a sign that an assisted living facility is neglectful.

Steps to take to prevent falls can include:

  • Making sure the facility is well maintained, with as few tripping hazards as possible
  • Making sure there are enough handrails and guard rails, including near the bed, the toilet, and the bathtub
  • Making sure the floors are easy to walk on and not slippery
  • Encouraging residents to take up regular exercise to improve their stability and strength
  • Making sure there is sufficient light in all rooms and hallways

Poor maintenance, slippery floors, and other hazards can be a sign of neglect. If you visit your elderly loved one’s facility and find that it is in poor condition, or learn that there have been an above average number of falls there, it may be wise to consider moving your loved one to a new facility with higher standards.

What to Do If Your Elderly Loved One Was Injured in a Preventable Fall

Effects of falls on senior citizensNot all falls are preventable, but often an elderly person’s mobility and health take a downturn due to a fall, or due to multiple falls, that could have been prevented with a higher standard of care at their assisted living facility. If your loved one is facing serious health issues due to a fall that you suspect was a result of neglect, you should:

  • Call California’s Adult Protective Services
  • Call Tustin attorney Travis Siegel
  • If possible, remove your loved one from the neglectful facility

Travis Siegel has spent his whole career fighting for the rights of our elderly population, and he’ll be happy to listen to your case and see if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Elderly men and women are unfortunately often taken advantage of, and they are often neglected by the very staff and nurses who are meant to keep them healthy and safe.

Nursing homes in America have a poor track record when it comes to treating their elderly residents with the care they deserve. Your lawsuit can help keep them accountable for the neglect and abuse they inflict on our most vulnerable population.

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