Can A Nursing Home Evict a Resident?

Posted On January 16, 2019 Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are within their rights to evict a resident who cannot pay, who does not require the home’s services anymore, or both. However, there are rules regarding these evictions, and nursing homes often don’t bother following protocol when evicting a resident. In addition, nursing homes often opt to illegally evict residents who can’t pay, completely disregarding their health conditions or lack of anywhere else to go.Elderly woman holding her head in pain and disbelief that she's being evicted from her nursing home

If your loved one has been illegally discharged from a nursing home with little to no prior warning, call Tustin elder abuse attorney Travis Siegel today at 562-372-6904 for your complimentary consultation.

Was Your Loved One Illegally Evicted from their Nursing Home?

Nursing homes must give residents written notice of their eviction or discharge, with sufficient time for the resident to find new accommodations. However, many nursing homes don’t bother with this step, and simply evict their residents with only a day or two’s notice. This puts the evicted resident at a severe disadvantage, as they now don’t have enough time to arrange other accommodations and may end up on the street.

Complaints filed about wrongful discharge of nursing home residents have risen sharply over the past decade. Our most vulnerable population is being left out in the cold to fend for themselves, often with physical and mental disabilities or handicaps that make it extremely difficult for them to survive on their own.

What Can You Do About Wrongful Discharge from a Nursing Home?

If your loved one was wrongfully discharged or evicted from their nursing home, don’t give up. You have options to help them and to hold the nursing home responsible accountable for their illegal and immoral actions.

If you suspect your loved one was evicted without sufficient notice from a nursing home:

  • Call California’s Adult Protective Services to file a complaint and start an investigation against the nursing home
  • Call elder abuse attorney Travis Siegel to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the nursing home

The government tries to take steps to hold nursing homes accountable and prevent these reprehensible actions, but the truth is that change is slow to come. By contacting Travis Siegel and filing a civil lawsuit against the nursing home, you are sending the message that this type of behavior is not okay and will not be tolerated.

Monetary consequences for nursing homes are often unfortunately the only type of consequences they will pay attention to. A small fine or a warning from the state ombudsman won’t do much to deter a nursing home from perpetrating the same actions again and again. A civil lawsuit where we hold them accountable sends a clear message and helps your loved one to obtain the funds they need in order to afford a higher quality nursing home.

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