How to Choose a Nursing Home

Posted On June 10, 2020 Nursing Homes

The thought of placing a loved one in a nursing home may be distressing for many people. It is understandable that you want to take care of your loved ones for as long as possible. However, there are times when the care that our loved ones need exceeds what we are capable of doing by ourselves. If you are here today because you need to choose the right nursing home for your loved one to reside in, we have put together some brief information that may help guide you through this process. Read on to what to look for when searching for a nursing home and if you have any questions, speak with an Anaheim nursing home abuse lawyer.

What Do Nursing Homes Provide?

Nursing homes typically provide a range of care that can be beneficial to the elderly and to those who are unable to care for themselves. In general, this will include nursing care, three meals a day, assistance with everyday activities, and 24-hour supervision. Nursing homes also typically provide rehabilitation services that can include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Some nursing homes also offer a range of recreational activities, such as game days, concerts, family days, and more.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Nursing Home

Location And Size

While finding a quality nursing home is very important, you may also need to consider how close the nursing home is to your location. In general, you will want to find a nursing home that is close to the resident’s family members so they can visit regularly. While an hour long drive to a nursing home might be okay in the beginning, that may not be sustainable for long periods of time.

Services Provided

All nursing homes will offer long-term care, but these homes can differ widely on the services and medical care that they provide. Some nursing homes are designed specifically to meet the particular needs of residents, including dementia and Alzheimer’s care units. Others are capable of rehabilitating cardiac surgery patients.

You should also visit a nursing home during meal and activity times so you can see what kind of choices that residents get to make. You want to be sure that your loved one is both properly cared for and has a range of activities they can participate in.

Staffing Levels And Qualifications

You want to be sure that the nursing home staff is both professional and qualified. You need to be sure that the nursing home does not hire anyone that has a history of mistreatment or neglect. There should always be a licensed nurse at the nursing home facility at all hours of the day.

Choices And Independence

Going to a nursing home can be an incredibly stressful and scary experience for individuals. This typically means a loss of freedom for the resident. However, while it is true that there are many things the nursing home residents will not be able to do, most aspects of their lives can, and should, remain up to them as long as they are mentally competent. This includes making choices how about what side item they want to eat, about the activities they want to participate in, what they watch on TV, when they wake up and go to bed, and more.

Red Flags

You need to be sure the nursing home facility that you choose for your loved one does not have a poor violation history. Both state and federal agencies regulate nursing homes, but that does not mean that each nursing home is perfect. By doing some online research, you should be able to find out whether a nursing home has any violations. provides a database in which you can type in your state and research nursing homes in your area. You will be able to see any violations against the nursing home.


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